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Incorporated as Creative Design Studio since 2008 . MIXLINAC is one of the leading Creative Design Solution in Segamat Johor. We specialize in creative design advertising solutions that employ user-centric investigationand involve critical and systematic thinking. We as one of the most creative graphic design advertising firms apply opportunity design thinking to reposition products. We know about printing and we specialise in graphic design for advertising including print media. 

Our products are developed based on thorough understanding of the customers’ need and situation. From there, we take pride in developing a customized product or solution that provides maximum customer needs. 

Led by professional talents with experiences in diverse fields of Creative Design, MIXLINAC is positioned to handle rapid growth in the business while still maintaining good services to existing or new customers. 

Our comprehensive range of services is;






 " We specialize in Creative Design for Your Advertising "


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Graphic Design

Graphic design is a collaborative process between a client and a designer — in conjunction with producers of form (i.e., printers, programmers, signmakers, etc.)— to convey a specific message to a targeted audience. The term "graphic design" can also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation. The field is also often referred to as Visual Communication or Communication Design. Various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce the final result. Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated.



 Advertising is a non-personal form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideals, or services. It includes the name of a product or service and how that product or service could benefit the consumer, to persuade a target market to purchase or to consume that particular brand. These brands are usually paid for or identified through sponsors and viewed via various media. Advertising can also serve to communicate an idea to a mass amount of people in an attempt to convince them to take a certain actio and such as encouraging 'environmentally friendly' behaviors.

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